Rust Belt Ramen Grand Opening Friday

Written by John Face

Photos by John face

March 23, 2022

Looking for Steamed Gyoza? Miso Ramen? Maybe Vegetable Curry? Well, you no longer need to leave Albion to find good Ramen food because starting this Friday you will be able to order it locally. Rust Belt Ramen is the brainchild of Chef Anthony Cox, along with his wife Emily have long wished to open a restaurant.

A Family Affair

Anthony has been a Chef for a few decades but always used his talents to benefit others when he decided, “I wanted to do this for myself”. With his wife Emily firmly in his “kitchen” he began the long process of getting started. There was one thing he knew and that was he needed help. He would ask his brother Jeremiah to come on board as co-owner and the business manager of the enterprise as he has had several businesses, and sister Shalon would pitch in wherever she can help.

L-R Shalon, Chef Anthony, Emily & Jeremiah

The business model is different as they will be (menu link) offering take out only for now. They eventually want to have a sit-down venue but was unable to find one at this time. They will continue to look in Albion as this is where they want the business. They will be working out of the kitchen at Tennant Hall at the United Methodist Church located at 600 East Michigan (beside the campus). (menu link) All orders are made online here. Now understand that the earlier you order the better. You will be setting an appointment time for your order.

Anthony explained that was this way because for now he was the only Chef so making appointments helps make sure orders are completed when the customer wants. As he said, “if you are going to have a dinner this weekend, you get online and place your order and show up for your scheduled time and it will be ready”. Orders may be placed up to two weeks ahead of time and they all suggest (menu link) placing your orders early.

The menu is traditional as Anthony and Emily spent time in the mountains of western Japan, so he looks for traditional ingredients which are not locally sourced. The menu will expand, and he plans on having weekly specials.

Why Albion?

I asked them why Albion for this new venture and Anthony said, “when we moved here, we were welcomed to and became part of the community”. They wanted to be part of the change coming to Albion. They had set up a booth during the festival last year and had positive feedback and that got them moving to making this a reality.

L-R Shalon, Jeremiah, Emily and Chef Anthony

There hours are Friday and Saturday from 5:00 P.M. until 10 P.M. and Mondays 5:00 P.M. until 10:00 P.M. After you place your order, (menu link) following this link at your appointed time come to the church using the Michigan Ave. entrance. Now as you enter the parking area look toward your right to the kitchen door on the north side of the building. You will see a white canopy, some lights near the kitchen door entrance where you will walk up to get your order. On the table is a Ring Doorbell that you push to pick up your order.

The key is (menu link) making you order early as time slots may go quick. Anthony and Emily wanted to express their gratitude to the Church Pastor and administration, “they have been so helpful” he said.

Okay Albion another food option in a community that is known for its food vacuum, give them a try.

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