Oh, It’s Started – Matt Davis Throws First “Pitch” Of Election Season

Written by John Face


March 16, 2022

Less than 24 hours after a court decision was made that allows for the recall to move forward of school board members Matt Davis and Shawna Gamble, Davis fired the first salvo. He released on his Facebook page last night a campaign meme and a long-drawn-out discussion about why the recall against him is wrong, I will not share the discussion he posted along with it as it is filled with half-truths unless Davis meets with me for a no stipulation interview. One that like I have done with every interviewee will be recorded.

The meme to the right is what he is using to campaign against his recall. Well let’s start with a couple things. He is using the Marshall school’s logo which he hopes makes the voter think the school district is supporting him. Him doing this is a campaign violation I believe, just so you know.

His three bullet points are interesting. The recall is not factually inaccurate. He is cleverly using the Judges words to benefit him. Politically driven? It is no secret that Matt Davis is a conservative Republican his entire life. Dave Atchison, the former Mayor of Albion, also the person responsible for the recall is a conservative Republican as well. No, the people against you are just people from all walks of life who said enough is enough and decided that you, Gamble and Richard Lindsey have overstayed your welcome in their home.

Now follow the money? Really? Well very soon let’s discuss how rumors state you were making money working for the former President of Albion College at the same time as Dick Lindsey was, and yet failed to tell the public when it was occurring.

Just stop Matt and stop using official School logos. We all know your connection to the district and are mildly impressed by that. In the next few months this writer thinks the public will finally hear the real story.

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