Lindsey, Stop Recall Battle

Written by John Face

Photo from Marshall Public School website


March 15, 2022

As the Shawna Gamble and Matt Davis court decision approving the language for their recalls came down today one thing is clear, Richard Lindsey is next. The cases are so similar and the recall language as well, even Lindsey, who considers himself a Lawyer, must be able to see that he will lose and the recall against him will be approved.

City Watch would ask this board member to stop and save the judicial system money. Stop the process and move on. It’s been rumored for quite a long time that Lindsey plans on retiring from the board long before the November general election, most likely as soon as June or July. Lindsey it is claimed, has plans on stepping down from the board after his son graduates this year from Marshall.

Lindsey has long had aspirations of running for state office in Michigan. Now that redistricting is complete, he can look toward fulfilling that goal. Any good campaign manager will tell you though having a “recalled from office” against you is pretty much a guaranteed loss. Any good opponent will use a recall to show his incompetence. So, by stepping down he gets to claim his work is complete and “he is proud of the direction of the school system” blah blah blah.

Richard, please do the right thing and stop your fight of this recall, hell you don’t plan on being there for the fight anyways. Or I guess you can stick it out and let a non-lawyer like Dave Atchison kick your ass, again.

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