Poll Workers Needed for 2022 Elections

Calhoun County Clerk and Register of Deeds Kimberly A. Hinkley announces National Poll Worker Recruitment Day is tomorrow, January 25. This is a national campaign to encourage residents to serve as poll workers in 2022.

We need YOU to sign up and be part of the team working to make the 2022 midterms accessible, safe, and secure. Poll workers strengthen our electoral process and help America vote.

Information about city and township clerks throughout Calhoun County can be found below and in the flyer. Please share this flyer with your communities and spread the word about the value of becoming a poll worker.

More information about being a poll worker can be found at the national website, HelpAmericaVote.gov. To sign up locally, contact a clerk in your local municipality.

For more information about Michigan elections, visit Michigan.gov/DemocracyMVP or calhouncountymi.gov/elections.

Contact your local city or township clerk to find out how to serve in your community:
CITY OF ALBION: Jill Domingo, Clerk, 517-629-7864 

CITY OF BATTLE CREEK: Victoria Houser, Clerk, 269-966-3348 

CITY OF MARSHALL: Trisha Nelson, Clerk, 269-781-5183 

CITY OF SPRINGFIELD: Kris Vogel, Clerk, 269-441-9272 

ALBION TOWNSHIP: Kathy Grundemann, Clerk 517-629-7270

ATHENS TOWNSHIP: Debera Denney, Clerk, 269-729-5305 

BEDFORD CHARTER TOWNSHIP: Joyce Feraco, Clerk, 269-965-1999  

BURLINGTON TOWNSHIP: Darlene Mack, Clerk, 517-765-2323   

CLARENCE TOWNSHIP: Sheryl Proteau, Clerk, 517-857-2288 

CLARENDON TOWNSHIP: Ericka Tryon, Clerk 719-281-7716  

CONVIS TOWNSHIP: Kimberly L. Collins, Clerk, 269-789-0654, ext. 1 

ECKFORD TOWNSHIP: Le Anne Blight, Clerk, 517-937-8273 

EMMETT CHARTER TOWNSHIP: Tracy Myers, Clerk, 269-968-0241 

FREDONIA TOWNSHIP: Cathy Combs, Clerk, 269-781-8115 

HOMER TOWNSHIP: Trixie McMeeking, Clerk, 517-930-4474  

LEE TOWNSHIP: Samantha VanDorsten, Clerk, 269-749-9292 

LEROY TOWNSHIP: Nicole Hardish, Clerk, 269-979-9421  

MARENGO TOWNSHIP: Doreen VanSickle, Clerk, 269-781-8422 

MARSHALL TOWNSHIP: Susan George, Clerk, 269-781-7976 

NEWTON TOWNSHIP: Mary Aldrich, Clerk, 269-979-3212  

PENNFIELD CHARTER TOWNSHIP: Kathy Case, Clerk, 269-968-8549 

SHERIDAN TOWNSHIP: Stephanie Craig, Clerk, 517-629-2604 

TEKONSHA TOWNSHIP: Clerk, 517-767-3366 

For information, contactMarshall Office315 W Green St., Marshall, MI 49068

Telephone: 269-781-0707Fax: 269-781-0721Clerk and Register of Deeds/Election Services
Battle Creek Office161 E Michigan Ave., Battle Creek, MI 49014Clerk’s Office Telephone: 269-969-6908Circuit Court Clerk’s Office Telephone: 269-969-6518Email: Clerk-ROD@calhouncountymi.gov

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