Superior Street Mercantile Open in Downtown Albion

Written by John Face

City Watch NEWS

January 2, 2022

Located at 217 South Superior, across the Courtyard by Marriott and where the old “Fedco” store was the Superior Street Mercantile started a soft opening this weekend. I met Joe Verbeke who was busy behind the counter, and we started to talk about the store. Joe, who is the Project Manager and in charge of the startup of the store has been busy these last few weeks as merchandise slowly comes in and construction was completed.

The soft opening started January 1 and will continue until January 9 with hours from 4 P.M. to 6 P.M. Joe said, “we had a day of interviews Friday with some really good prospects, heck I was doing interviews for two straight hours.” He said, “I am still looking for a manager and that will take a special person.” After the 9th he said he will evaluate on whether to expand hours as he starts to hire.

When asked how many people he was looking to hire he said between 10 and 12 full and part time employees with the goal of the store to be open 12 hours a day. “We have a bunch of merchandise coming in as you can see, so it’s imperative for me to get employees here and working”. He did say he is still taking applications and to tell people to stop in when they are open to fill one out.

The store will carry many items from fresh produce to daily food stuffs, such as milk and bread etc., many of the shelves will be getting filled up in the coming days. A quick look by this writer saw quite a selection in the wine area along with Craft and national brand beers that are available in the large coolers. Liquor will be on sale soon making the store a nice place to do some shopping. The stores’ central downtown location will offer a shopping option for those on the south side of town. This writer is pretty sure that many will appreciate the “homey” atmosphere of the lay out, imagine taking a walk to the market to pick up a few items.

The stores design was created by Driven Design out of Battle Creek Michigan. The idea for the Market, has been a project of the Shaheen family along with the Dobbins family who have worked on the idea for a few years now along with several other projects in Albion. The Shaheen and Dobbins families are widely credited in turning around several properties in Albion, especially its downtown.

This writer suggests you stop in for a visit to see what the store has and will have. This store is a MAJOR upgrade for downtown Albion. Tell Joe Hi and heck make a purchase. They are open for sales, and I found my new source for Raspberry Ale from the Darkhorse in a 6-pack perched in the cooler on sale. Yeah, I have a reason to go back tomorrow.

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