Yes Dave Diemert, You Can Sneak an Item on the Agenda

Written by John Face

November 2, 2021

City Watch NEWS released a story regarding the last minute addition to the City Council agenda by council member Linda LaNoue. The post was drawing attention to a quick addition to the agenda by LaNoue.

The headline was “Council member LaNoue Sneaks Item on Agenda for Tonight”. The article was critical of a last minute addition and received one comment on Facebook questioning the headline. The comment is as follows: How does one “sneak” something onto the agenda?”

The comment was posted by Dave Diemert a former contractor for his own business and now works for Mathew Johnson at Albion College under the business name of W G Construction. Well Dave allow me to educate you on how to sneak an item on the agenda.

You “sneak” an agenda item literally hours before a meeting. You know during the business day when few people will notice. You sneak a potential controversial issue hoping people won’t confront you and question you.

Dave you should also know that if the agenda item that was “sneaked” on the agenda was so dam important that it needed to be sneaked then why did the situation have no formal resolution?

So yes it was sneaked Dave, deal with it.

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