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ACT II Community Theatre announces its capital fundraiser campaign. ACT II a 501 C 3 non-profit was established to bring community theatre back to the Albion area. Through the hard work of its Board of Directors and supporters we are ready to take a huge step forward. ACT II was established in early May 2019 and during that first year the Board worked to become a non-profit. In February of 2020 ACT II became an non-profit and has moved forward as well on bringing its first performance to the stage.

March of 2020 was to be ACT II’s premiere performance as an organization producing the play “For Heaven’s Sake”, and literally just mere hours before the first show the play was shut down due to the COVID outbreak. ACT II like the rest of the world was put on hold. Now we are back stronger than ever as our Board of Directors has been meeting virtually for several months planning our future.

After considerable discussion we decided to offer a complete performance season consisting of four shows in 2021/22. Our first show will be on September 18 during the Festival of the Forks bringing you “Shakespeare on Superior”. Our second show will be November 12, 13 and 14 with a musical comedy “25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee” that will be performed at the Historic Bohm Theatre. Our third will be in March of 2022 performing “For Heaven’s Sake”, our canceled show from last year and we will be ending our season with a children’s play in the summer of 2022.

As you can see the Board has decided to go all in, which brings us to where we are today, we need your help. It takes money to produce theatre and it takes money to bring in the best directors, musical, dance and choral directors that make a great show. ACT II is basically starting from scratch as we have nothing. We need funds for everything from costumes to lumber to make sets to storage areas.

ACT II’s Board has also stated that they want to set the course for long term financial stability. This capital campaign money will be used for two purposes. First cash for needed items for operations and second we will be setting up an Endowment Fund with the Albion Community Foundation that will benefit the Theatre for decades. So our capital campaign’s goal is $40,000. The campaign is named the “Legacy of the Arts Fundraising Campaign”. We need you, we need your donation.

How can you help? First and most important direct donations to ACT II can be made via direct mail. Feel free to send your donation to: ACT II Community Theatre, 201 South Superior, Albion MI 49224. Make checks out to “ACT II”. Cash donations may be dropped off at the Bohm Theatre in its mail slot in the front door of the theatre. Remember to give us information on who made the donation. Please make all checks out to ACT II.

Any amount of money is asked from 0.50 cents and up. Remember we are non-profit so there may be tax advantages for your donation. We need volunteers to help with everything from committee positions, set building, show work and actors. ACT II belongs to all the people in and around Albion. We need your support and yes your money as well. Before we go we want to thank the Board of Directors of the Historic Bohm Theatre as they have supported us every step of the way. Our corporate office resides inside their walls and they have offered invaluable support in guiding us. Contact ACT II at email

Photos of ACT II summer camp this year at the Bohm

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